I hope you're drinking that liquid gold: H2O! This 14 oz stainless steel water bottle is here as a slightly aggressive PSA, reminding you and everyone around you: Drink water or die!

Here’s some fun water facts for y’all:

💦 It’s literally necessary for human survival!
💦 It gives you the energy to thrive!
💦 Your organs will be happy!
💦 Hydrated skin is glowy, gorgeous skin!
💦 Drink up to keep that skin pH balanced and beautiful!
💦 You can impress your friends with your water drinking skills!

Bottle holds 14 oz of liquid, made of lightweight stainless steel. Plastic screw top, with a carabiner and keychain ring included!

Please be aware that water bottles ship separately from other products in your order, so they may arrive at different times!