$18.00 - $30.00

Now is the time to celebrate those sunny, warm creatures that are Leos! ❤️💛 Chances are if you’re friends with a Leo, you KNOW it! 🌟 They naturally command the room, always know how to make others smile, and simply are shining stars in their own galaxies! 💛 Leos are fixed sign ruled by fire, meaning they know what they like and have a serious burning passion for it.❤️💛 to honor these majestic babes, we’ve debuted our 🌟ASTROLOGY TEE COLLECTION🌟 with a design featuring our big haired Leo babe in a retro vibed, Tarot card inspired design.

Sizes are for standard unisex tee.

There is also a mug option! Mug is 11oz, dishwasher & microwave safe.