RACISM SUCKS! Vampires, ghouls, and monster babes all agree: systemic racism is a horror. Never stop showing up and using your voice for change. Keep up the good fight; recognizing the problem is only the start of doing something about it.

50% of proceeds from sales of this super soft digitally printed tee will be donated to Anti Racism Fund (antiracismfund.org)

- Educate yourself! There’s learning materials galore: films, books, podcasts, graphics, - Educate others! Share resources, talk about racism with family and friends. Never tolerate ignorance or hatred.
- Check your privilege. Examine how you benefit from the system and use it for good. The fight isn’t about white feelings.
- VOTE! We can not tolerate hate-filled government bodies, and voting is truly important for change in the community.
- Use your wallet! Support Black-owned businesses and donate to organizations fighting for change.