$3.00 - $30.00
What's more loveable and obsession-worthy than Wes Anderson movies?? Hmmm, probably nothing. Since we're such gigantic fans of this wonderful man and the characters he's created, how could we resist creating a beautiful set of Anderson-related pins?! Each pin is radiant and unique and you probably need all of them if you're a serious fan!

All pins are handmade and measure 2.25" (5.7cm) across. Having trouble choosing just one? They're sold separately unless you want to chose a set of any four! OR get the whole set for maximum savings!!

If you're buying a set, please make sure you leave a message on PayPal or email thepulpgirls@gmail.com with your four pin choices! If you don't message us, we will send you four at random.
  • Kara Harward, as Suzy Bishop
  • Jared Gilman, as Sam Shakusky
  • Adrien B., Owen W. + Jason S., as Peter, Francis + Jack
  • Bill Murray, as Steve Zissou
  • Wes Anderson, as Himself
  • Luke Wilson, as Richie Tenebaum
  • Stephen Lea Sheppard, as Dudley Heinsbergen
  • Jason Schwartzman, as Max Fischer
  • Gwyneth Paltrow, as Margot Tenenbaum
  • Tilda Sinton, as Social Services
  • Jason Schwartzman, as Ash Fox
  • Anjelica Huston, as Eleanor Zissou